Visual Storytelling

Persona2-Christina-Affluent SmallBusinessOwner

pictures can be priceless

We pride ourselves in helping companies develop user experiences that offer both meaning and emotion to their varied audiences. And we believe that the strongest emotional connections are built when you have a clear frame of reference for each audience members' experience – a true vision of your users’ personal stories. 

That's why all UPTICK engagements involve a period of research, analysis and visualization, often resulting in storyboards - a series of custom illustrations, deeply rooted in user insights.

The two sample images here (above and below) are excerpts from a broader storyboard that UPTICK was commissioned to develop for a NYC-based real estate search startup.  In the series, our main character, Christina, represented one customer segments user experience brought to life. We chose to illustrate not just moments when she was directly engaging with the company, but also her broader, human experience. 

Designed based on client-provided market research and UPTICK-conducted interviews with early test groups, these storyboard images became central to the startups mission across departments and were credited with creating an emotional context for all the companys efforts to build features and services that delight their users.

Visual storytelling can similarly transform the way your teams think about what they are building and the audiences that they're creating for. Even the most complex ideas can be effectively conveyed to a wide variety of people when you have the right team in place. 

Are you ready to bring the moments that make up your customer experience to vivid life for your teams? Then, let's go find your UPTICK!